June 2016 Newsletter

From the Desk of Andrew Muir

Nothing shared with our clients is more relevant than the origin of our name and corporate identity “logo”. Muir Omni Graphics represents Muir, the family name; Omni means we provide a variety of graphics worldwide, and our logo is symbolized with a stylized “M” sharing a circle with a spherical representation of the Earth.


Muir Omni Graphics name:

John F. Sicks was a creative copywriter and a friend of my father, Don Muir. He graduated from journalism school at the University of Missouri. John enlisted in the Army in the summer of 1941 and served in General George Patton’s 19th Tank Battalion, Ninth Armored Division as a Tank Commander in Europe.

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Customer Questions

Client Question:

We need to purchase a bulk order of small decals that can be easily, individually customized in-house. We’ve done this in the past using a typewriter but we are looking for a more professional look on a decal with an industrial/durable construction.


I suggest using an adhesive backed aluminum foil material designed for the screenprinting process. Your logo and information template can be screen printed onto thesurface leaving space for the custom information to be added. The foil material accepts ink and is impressionable, so the information may be stamped, etched, or printed by the same typewriter method you have used in the past or by a variety of other methods. If you do plan to use a typewriter and the individual decals are small, I would recommend we design a layout of multiple decals on a sheet to assist with the typewriter “paper” feeding process.


Employee Spotlight: Bryan Claude

Position/Title: Zund Operator

Present responsibilities at Muir Omni Graphics: Cut jobs on the Zund, backup to make screens on the Kiwo, backup for digital printing (Printing jobs on the Roland and EFI printers)

How long you’ve been at Muir Omni Graphics: 26 years – Aug, 1990

Hometown: Bartonville, IL

Words of Wisdom: No struggle, there is no progress

Favorite part of the job: Coming up with new and better ways to produce parts and learning the new machines and ways for producing graphic products

Hobbies outside of work: Bags, hiking, bicycling, grilling out, riding motorcycles and hanging with friends and family

What is one thing most people don’t know about you: I was in the rodeo (team roping) when I was younger and my family and I did Civil War Reenacting.


Holiday Hours – Muir Omni Graphics will be closed on Monday, July 4th for Independence Day.


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