July 2019

MUIR Safety“At Muir Omni Graphics, we ADHERE to Safety Rules and Regulations!”

That is the new safety slogan created by Muir Omni Graphics staff and selected by the Muir Omni Graphics Safety Team. Staff submitted over 20 different slogans, which were narrowed down to eight finalists. The team then voted on the winning slogan which was kept a secret until it was revealed at the 2019 Safety Day.



MUIR Safety Team

The Safety Day helped employees learn more about safety topics and also suggest ways that Muir Omni Graphics could further create a safe workplace. Safety team members James Robertson, Justin Smithson, Charlotte Thornton, and Jamie Silver were joined by Erik Christian of HR Fit in leading the safety activities. These included:

The day closed with an all staff lunch and the distribution of new Muir Omni Graphics-branded t-shirts in “safety orange” for all staff.

Check out our new safety video here!

Safety Video


it’s best practice to use rounded corners for your decals. This makes it more difficult for them to be picked off, or to be affected by the wind.

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