October 2019


HandshakeWe are pleased to announce that Muir Omni Graphics is now an employee-owned company! In August of 2012, we rolled out our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to our loyal and hard-working staff.

Although it’s sometimes thought of as a retirement account, an ESOP is more than just a savings or investment vehicle.

In addition to the financial aspect of an ESOP, becoming an employee-owned company empowers the staff to be a part of the organization’s direction. Employees will now be able to vote (based on their share of stock) on major decisions Muir makes, such as closing, relocating or other big issues that are important to the team.

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“It’s unbelievable when you really sit down and think about it. I’m an owner. It’s very special to me and I’m very grateful as well. We have excellent quality built in to our processes but as owners this adds another dimension to excellence. I feel everyone cares even more and always striving to become better. At Muir Omni Graphics we are a Team and we care about another!”

“To me, being employee-owned means being rewarded for working harder. The more you put in to the company and its overall success, the more you and those around you will benefit. Employee-ownership=motivation to grow the business.”

“Being an employee at Muir Omni Graphics, is like being a part of a family. Being an employee owned makes you feel as if you are larger part of that family. Plus in makes you feel a little more secure in where you are at.

This means we all share in the success and failures of the company as whole, each with our own ownership of assigned responsibilities as well as a stake in the overall team’s commitment.”


My official title is Process Department Team Lead. As Team Lead, I oversee the Art Department, though the bulk of my time is spent writing and scheduling jobs. Also, I set up new parts in our system so the Art Department can set up the art for output. Every morning, I meet with the other team leads. We look at the production schedule in order to head off any impending scheduling conflicts, to handle potential production bottlenecks, and manage the overall production workflow. My favorite thing about working at Muir is the comradery shared with my coworkers. Since a lot of my waking time is spent at work, I’m thankful that everyone gets along and, for the most part, seems to enjoy what they do.

I was born and raised in Peoria, except for 6 years that I spent on the Gulf coast of Texas. Otherwise, I have lived here all my life. Hobbies that I enjoy outside of work include working in the yard, home improvement projects – yes, I really enjoy working on my house, and playing with my dogs.


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