July/August 2021

On Time Deliveries

As the world is experiencing delays and shortages, we are able to provide you timely delivery at the same quality you expect. Our weather tested materials are available in-house, allowing for no delay on production. Even with our monthly sales increasing, we are able to meet the demand.

From low-run specialty items to large-run basics, we can meet your tightest specs, hit your critical deadlines, and help you solve complex production and application issues – all while providing solutions that are cost-effective and engineered to match your specific application and environmental needs.

Our Top 10 Countries

Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, Peru, and U.S.A


Visit Us At the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association Showcase

November 2-4 | Oklahoma City, OK


Decal Colors Not Matching Painted Equipment?

Matching color vinyl decals to painted metal surfaces can present many challenges.

Color Matched Vinyl is one option, but typically has a high minimum material when purchasing.

Color Matched Ink is the better option for certain applications.

We are able to establish color matches with out ink suppliers that incorporates identification of specific substrates as well as a color chip of the intended match.

Gloss levels pose a challenge as well – there are many over-laminate options that can be considered to further match paint gloss levels or textures.

Employee Spotlight

James Robertson
Client Relations Representative
MUIR provided me an opportunity to better myself educationally and professionally, and for that I am extremely grateful as I would not have been able to accomplish this goal of mine otherwise. The experience and knowledge I gained during my time at Bradley will go a long way in helping me grow as a professional. Over time, I intend to apply this experience to help MUIR continue to flourish and grow as a company as well.

Congratulations to James Robertson for receiving his MBA from Bradley University

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