Converting Aluminum Plates

Converting aluminum plates to decals saves money and the environment.

In the past aluminum plates were the “go-to” solution for high liability messages that needed to last the life of the equipment to which they were applied. Today’s advances in adhesives and UV inks means printing on decal substrates has become equivalent in the overall durability and message retention.


Many aluminum plates currently in use could be suitably converted to a polycarbonate based substrate with extra UV inhibitors which are designed for long life outdoor applications. Unlike an aluminum plate, the polycarbonate peel and stick decal would not have to be riveted onto equipment, a process which requires special tooling and additional labor costs.

Consider converting your aluminum plates to polycarbonate decals. Doing so will not only save you money, but helps the environment by eliminating the specific solvent based inks and curing process that is involved in printing aluminum plates.

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