Choosing Backing Methods

Don’t pick away at your decals. There is a better way.

Ever struggle to peel the release liner from an adhesive-backed decal? Endlessly picking at the edges and corners, wasting application time and potentially damaging the decal?

The good news is that it can be avoided with one, well-placed cut.

Whether you call it “back slitting”, “crack and peel”, “back split” or “scored backing,” it’s the process of scoring the release liner, on a pressure sensitive decal, with a slit allowing for quick and easy liner removal. Back slits can also be strategically placed to enable partial liner removal for easier handling and positioning of the decal prior to application.


So before you order your next supply of decals, consider requiring they be supplied with back slits.
(Technically: Specify that “their release liners be scored” in the engineering drawings.)

Back slitting is one of our value-add (read: free) services and another example of why you can Expect More from Muir.