QR Codes That Last

If you’re using QR (Quick Response) Codes to point to important safety information, you need them to last as long as the products to which they’re affixed.

QR Codes seem to be everywhere these days and are quickly expanding into industrial applications. When using them to put safety and instructional information right at a customer’s fingertips (placing them directly on equipment or signage used outdoors or in other harsh environments) you need to consider more than just the message. Durability and life expectancy of the graphic material you select is just as important.qr_code_bp_decal_ol

If your QR code deteriorates or becomes scratched, the code could be useless and prevent users from accessing the important safety or instructional information they need. For that reason, creating decals and graphics with durability, weatherability and industrial strength in mind is critical.

Ask your industrial graphics supplier to work with you to identify the substrates and options that best meet your specific requirements.

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