Upcycle Waste Materials

What’s the difference between recycling and upcycling?

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Upcycling is the act of converting scrap or waste into new materials or products of higher value. In short: It’s taking something you would otherwise throw away – or even convert to lower quality materials – and turning it into something different.

Rethink. What are you currently throwing away or recycling that could be upcycled instead?


Student art projects completed with Muir Omni Graphics scrap materials. The Bingo chips, animal faces and pencil toppers are made from control panel decal cut-outs and the houses are made from scrap vinyl material.

At Muir Omni Graphics, we are always looking for ways to eliminate, reduce and re-use waste. For example, we upcycle by converting control panel cut outs and adhesive scrap into office supplies, which can be used for sealing envelopes, hanging documents, and scrap booking. Local schools also appreciate receiving our decal cut-outs for use as kid-safe arts and craft supplies.

If you think you would find decal cut-outs to be useful and would like some, feel free to contact us and we’d be more than happy to send you some. Expect More from Muir Omni Graphics!

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“Thank you so much! Our art teacher is THRILLED to get this. It was great to find out someone is still interested in helping schools!” – Lincoln High School, IN

“The glue dots you sent are great! We use them to decorate craft items, art projects, and as markers for games such as Bingo. The possibilities are endless. We share all items donated with area schools, churches, and daycare organizations to use with children.” – Parlin-Ingersoll Public Library, IL

“I was just a the Iowa/Illinois Safety Council Seminar in Illinois and got a packet of your “dots” waste materials. They are awesome, what a wonderful idea to utilize your waste products. I know our schools, daycare’s and any crafter would appreciate these supplies. It is such a great thing and you should be very proud of your commitment to be environmentally responsible.” – Western Iowa Energy, IA