Muir Omni Graphics, a second-generation family-owned business and a leading manufacturer of industrial graphics and markings, is proud to announce its 50th year in business.

Since 1963 Muir Omni Graphics has been providing some of the world’s leading manufacturers, utility companies and service organizations with turn-key decal production and management solutions including OEM markings and decals, fleet and corporate vehicle markings, corporate identity markings, control panels and fascias, warning labels and signage, and specialty graphics. The company was originally founded as Muir, Molleck and Pelini in 1963 by the late Don Muir. Today, this family-owned silk screen printing business specializing in the off-highway, construction, farm equipment and transportation markets is led by Muir’s son, Andrew, and has recently begun transitioning business ownership to its employees.

“When I joined the company in 1982, the country was in a deep recession,” said Andrew Muir, President of Muir Omni Graphics. “We needed to find a way to retain the high quality decals we were producing without putting ourselves at economic risk. I have seen too many companies fail when presented with such challenges and I am proud to say that instead of failing, we flourished. We have incorporated many lean practices into our core business processes and have cross-trained our employees in a multitude of business units to ensure continuity. We are proud at the longevity our employees possess, as well as the long-term client relationships we have retained.”

“Because of this, we wanted to honor those accomplishments and reward our employees by moving the company to an ESOP. Not only does this show our employees how much we value their loyalty, commitment and vast knowledge base, it also should impress upon our customers dedication to them as well. They will know that they have company owners working to get the job done right, not just employees.”

The MUIR Omni Graphics focus has always been the relationships with their clients – the global mix of products and services, and their unique ability to fulfill the total needs of their clients. The integration of customer support, quality assurance, engineering, sophistication, energy, experience and technology forms a highly specialized service organization.

“Throughout our history, we have never lost sight of meeting the quality and service expectations of our clients”, said Andrew Muir. “The 50th Anniversary is a testament to our continued dedication to both our clients and our employees.”

Muir Omni Graphics is proud to have enjoyed 50 years of achievement and success. Gained through a combination of strategic planning, continous improvement and lean manufacturing processes, they are looking forward to many more years to come.

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