July 2016 Newsletter

A Lasting Image: Proper Installation Techniques Ensure Best Performance

High-Impact graphics not only grab attention, they enhance your company’s visual image – inside and out. Ensuring their optimal performance is essential! “The key to maximizing the impact of your vinyl graphics starts with proper installation techniques,” explains Tobbias Day, Process Control Director for Muir Omni Graphics.


Prepping the Surface

The first step to a successful installation is prepping the surface. “Before applying any graphic, the surface should be clean and free of dirt, oils, greases, weld spatter or other contaminants to ensure proper adhesion,” he said. For lightly soiled surfaces, a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water or Rapid Tac® application fluid are considered appropriate cleaning.

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Customer Questions

Client Question:

I have a decal application for a thin face plate on an electrical device that would allow back-lighting of specific symbols. We would like the material to be glossy/shiny like glass, and want the plate to appear black with no symbols unless the back-lighting is activated.



We have many materials to choose from to meet the surface finish and thickness yourapplication may require.  We typically sub-surface print that type of substrate so the inks will be protected by the face material and won’t affect the gloss levels.  We are capable of the backlighting criteria you have mentioned similar to a “check engine” light on a car dash panel.  We would us a coating process called “dead-front” that will assure the symbols in question are not visible until back-lighting is applied.


Employee Spotlight: Charlotte

Position/Title: Administrative Assistant

Present responsibilities at Muir Omni Graphics: I greet our clients, answer the phones, create PPAP’s and work through the approval process. I do FOMs and several other items that come in.

How long you’ve been at Muir Omni Graphics: A little over a year and a half

Words of wisdom: A short version of my mother’s old saying is, “Pretty is as Pretty does.”

Hometown: I was born and raised in Peoria, IL

Favorite part of the job: My favorite part of this position is getting to meet new people all the time.

Hobbies outside of work: I have a lot of hobbies! I enjoy reworking old pieces of furniture and reading, I also do a paper cutting technique called Scherenschnitte, and I occasionally paint and draw.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you: I’m sure people who know me would be shocked that I ran track in grade school.

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