November 2017

Muir Goes GreenGoing Green: Muir Omni Graphics Recycles to Save the Environment

When it comes to protecting the environment, Muir Omni Graphics talks the talk AND walks the walk! “We’re committed to the protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution, and the welfare of the Earth,” explains James Silver, Operations Director, quoting from the company website. So it’s no surprise that recycling plays a big part in its overall “green” strategy.

For many years, the Peoria-based industrial and fleet graphics company has been an avid recycler, disposing of its unused adhesive-backed polycarbonate in an environmentally responsible manner. From 2011 to 2016, a local company picked up the scrap and hauled it away for recycling and reuse. When that company discontinued its program last year, Muir Omni Graphics set out to find a new recycling partner.


Customer Questions

Client Question: We ship our product in a large wooden crate and would like to explore options for labeling the crate with our Logo and Brand Identity.  Would need to be something easy to apply, but durable enough to remain intact during shipping.

Solution: After assessing the dimensions, wood surface of the crate, and appearance designation for the logo, we would like to offer versions of a clear materials that may be suited for the application.

One material is a clear polycarbonate that would provide the most durability.  It would be a bit rigid and the price may be slightly higher.  The other material is a clear vinyl that may be easier to apply, slightly less expensive, but may be slightly less durable to extreme abrasion conditions.

Both materials would formulated with a low surface energy adhesive to assure proper adhesion to the wood surface. We can discuss samples of each option for your review along with the comparable pricing.

employee spotlight: Roy Swearingen

Roy SwearingenPosition/Title: Print Team Lead

Responsibilities: Assist and train printers. Oversee Printing Department.

How long you’ve been at Muir Omni Graphics: 5 years

Hometown: Hanna City, IL

Words of wisdom or favorite quote: Play smart, Play hard.

Hobbies outside of work: Golf

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? I have been named Coach Of The Year by the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association for my district twice in the last 5 years.

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