July 2018

Muir Omni Graphics Celebrates Safety Day

Safety Day

On June 22nd, the entire team and Muir Omni Graphics took the day to focus on personal and professional safety. The day was full of team activities, such as safety bingo and an obstacle course. Open forums were held as well as specific department focuses on safety. We believe it is important to take the time to keep our employees informed, engaged and educated in all aspect of the company, especially safety.


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Employee Spotlight: Nam

NamNam has worked at Muir Omni Graphics for 3 years, but he is no stranger to the company.  Following in his family’s footsteps, he and his brother flew to America to join their father at Muir Omni Graphics. Showing him the ropes, his father trained he and his brother in packaging.  They have worked together ever since. Muir Omni Graphics is proud to announce that after 14 years this May, Man has retired and turned the reins solely over to his son Nam.

In the years working at MOG, Nam has mastered many departments such as screen printing, digital printing and packaging. He enjoys his position, because of the role he plays in being able to contribute to the maintenance and operation of equipment. His favorite part about his job is the team he works with each day.  In his spare time, Nam enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his wife and 4 year old daughter, Tho. Who knows… Tho may be the next to join the team someday!

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