August 2020

Safety Day June 26, 2020

When the Coronavirus struck workplaces, Muir Omni Graphics sprung into action. Social distancing, mask wearing, and hand cleaning were all immediately implemented and maintained, with temperature screening added soon thereafter. After much planning, Muir Omni Graphics was able to implement its annual Employee Safety Day in a safe way. Employees participated in learning games “Safety Jeopardy” and “Safety (Family) Feud” as well as hazard identification exercises and safety training activities. Employees also shared their thoughts and concerns about workplace safety in an open forum discussion, which the Safety Team will use to develop projects for the coming year. The day culminated in a coronavirus-themed pinata, where Safety Team member Charlotte Thornton “Beat up COVID” and surprising staff with safety and work-related goodies. At Muir Omni Graphics, we take safety very seriously. We hold training sessions, teach and expand on safety protocols so our employees maintain a safe work environment.

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