Muir Omni Graphics is a proud recipient of the Peoria County Recycling and Waste Reduction Award.

For the past 15 years, Peoria County’s Recycling & Resource Conservation Department has honored commercial businesses, schools, government organizations, and shared complexes for their recycling and waste reduction efforts with the Recycling and Waste Reduction Recognition Award. This award acknowledges those who make recycling an integral part of their work philosophy.

Applicants are primarily judged based on their quarterly recycled waste stream reports.

In 2010, Muir Omni Graphics began donating wooden screen frames and kid-safe scrap products to local community art programs. Muir Omni Graphics explores opportunities that will allow portions of production scrap to be re-used, often times by teachers and students for activities that encourage and stimulate creativity. Amongst other things, Muir Omni Graphics also recycles office paper, cardboard, plastics and production scrap of polycarbonate, polyethylene, and aluminum.

The company also presented at the IISC Fall Environmental Process, featuring the company’s journey from the employee initiated recycling program to its achievement of ISO 14001-2004 Certification.

This is Muir Omni Graphics’ 4th Peoria County Recycling and Waste Reduction Recognition Award since 2008.

For more information on the awards or for specific recycling programs in Peoria County, please contact the Recycling Department at (309) 681-2550.