Speed the Process with Pre-masking

Most waste occurs at the application station. Pre-masking not only speeds application, it also decreases scrap.

Pre-masking (aka “using application tape”) can help you minimize waste while speeding application.  And it’s just one of many decal production techniques that can save you money and time – as well as ensure properly placed decals.

Basic CMYK


To Apply the Pre-masked Lettering:

  1. Position the decal on the outside of a clean window or smooth surface.
  2. Remove the backing sheet to expose the adhesive side of the letters, leaving letters on the transfer tape (pre-mask).
  3. Carefully place the transfer tape and letters onto the surface.
  4. Rub firmly to adhere the letters to the surface.
  5. Slowly remove the transfer tape.

Before you have your next decals produced, let us visit your application station and suggest efficiencies.  This is one of Muir’s value-add (read: free) services and another example of why you can Expect More from Muir.