Analyze Pricing Breaks

A little math (on our side) can save a lot of money (on your side)

The total cost of a decal order must account for multiple factors, such as cost of materials, converting, fulfillment, labor, freight, and inventory management.

To help customers control cost and maximize value from the above variables, Muir analyzes optimal quantities as well as decal usage trends, equipment build rates, and inventory requirements. The findings from our complimentary Price Break Analysis determines your best value purchase to meet build rates, inventory needs, and savings over time. In cases where the optimal buy exceeds your inventory MAX allowance we can stock bulk decals at no charge until you are ready to receive them.


So the next time you place an order with your industrial graphics manufacturer ask them to analyze build rates.

Decal Order Price Break Analysis is one of our value-added (read: free) services and another example of why you can Expect More from Muir.