Use the Correct Signal Words

Caution. Warning! DANGER! mean pretty much the same thing, right?

Wrong. They’re not interchangeable, particularly when it comes to industrial graphics.

In fact, each of these “signal words” has a specific connotation that literally can mean the difference between life and death. Using them correctly on safety signs helps ensure that people can instantly recognize and comprehend the potential danger, enables you to protect your employees and customers from harm, and minimizes the risk of legal issues.

To ensure you are using the proper signal words at the correct times and abiding by ISO, ANSI, and SAE standards…you need to only follow these three easy steps:

Step 1:  Assess the Degree of Potential Injury or Damage

Step 2:  Determine the Likelihood of Occurrence

Step 3:  Select the Appropriate Signal Word and Color

Each signal word is associated with a specific color to reinforce the message and the seriousness of the risk. It’s easy—just refer to the chart below.


For more information on selecting the appropriate signal words please read How to Differentiate Safety Signal Words.

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