Case Studies

MUIR Makes it an Anniversary to Remember with Cost-Efficient Strategies and Added Application Flexibility

In celebration of Thurston Manufacturing Company’s 40th Anniversary, the Chief Marketing Officer sought an Anniversary decal, produced on an aluminum plate, which could be applied to their BLUE-JET and Circle R Side Dump equipment. Due to time constraints and their limited resources, they requested the services of Muir Omni Graphics.
Unique Surfaces Call for Custom Solutions

Simformotion’s current decals were not effectively adhering to their Cat Simulators due to the simulator’s unique and uneven surface. Due to the poor adherence as well as varying environmental conditions, the decals were prone to peeling and erosion. Simformation needed help determining a marking solution that would enable their decals to sufficiently adhere to their application surface and meet Caterpillar’s brand identity and performance requirements.
Greater Efficiencies Lead to Stronger Brand Identity

On the verge of unveiling a new corporate logo and a second logo for their Hi-Way® brand, Highway Equipment Company (HECO) was in need of a simple cost-effective solution to provide multiple signage options to their more than 200 authorized dealers.
Increased Safety and Cost-Efficiency Can Go Hand In Hand

Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc. (Cat Logistics) needed a solution to expedite the creation of replacement certification markings and alleviate the pressure of hand stamping them. Muir Omni Graphics provided a solution that saved Cat Logistics resources, minimized equipment down time and OHSA fines, and increased legal awareness.
Blue Bird Goes Green, Muir Goes Lean

When Blue Bird Corporation needed cost effective decals to showcase the new products and features on their bus exteriors, not only did Muir Omni Graphics help them save over 30% of their budget but found an environmental and kid friendly way to discard project waste.